Hello World!

June 12, 2018 | by

Image credit: Martim Braz (Unsplash)

We took a while to decide what our first blog post should address. Should it be a tutorial to educate our readers about harnessing the power of technology? Should we comment on the state of technology in our country? Maybe, we could tell the world how Swotfish got started?

After a while, we thought about what people do when they meet each other for the first time. They say hi!

So, we’ve decided to take this chance to say hi. How rude it would be, if we were to talk about our story, passions, and tell you what you should do to keep up with technological advances, even before we greet you.

We have a lot more to say, but those will have to come at a later date. If you would like to hear from us, hit the subscribe button below. Until then, if you ever find yourself wondering how you can use technology to jump-start your business, give us a call at +65 6443 1859, or email us at, or simply use the form right here.

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